Finally, a blog! The previous version of (created in 2010) was a simple contact card website. It was nothing special, nor anything horrible, but it was long overdue for a new look and new content. To be fair to myself, there was just no time for my own website. Like many developers, my days and nights were spent working. I was working full-time and freelancing on the side, but “on the side” could be defined as at least another 40 hours a week. To say I’m a work-a-holic is, well, truthful. Anyone who knows me would agree. I can’t help it – I love doing what I do. So, how did I finally find the time to create my new website? Let me tell you…

Late 2012, I made the decision to leave my full-time job at / The decision was very difficult, but when weighing what I loved more – freelancing or my full-time job as an Engager, it was clear. I’m very goal and task-oriented, so development is extremely satisfying for me. My job at started out as a developer, way back in 2007. Over the years, I naturally moved up and became a Project Manager, and finally an Engager. My role as an Engager, to describe briefly, was to work with Clients prior to any work on their project started and then over-see it through to completion. Primarily it would involve the process of quoting the Clients’ project, making sure production went smoothly and ultimately closing out the project once all parties were satisfied. At first I loved it because it was something new, but it ultimately became hard for me to do day-in and day-out. I was itching to work on the projects, not just talk about them! So I decided to move on from the X-Team family, but I hold the relationships built during my time there very close to my heart. The X-Team family is filled with enthusiastic and talented people. I’m grateful to have been an X-Team hero for almost 7 years.

Present day, I am freelancing entirely, and loving every minute of it! Now that I’m no longer working 80+ hour weeks, I have time on my hands. And so my website was born again. You can expect articles and blog postings on various topics, mostly relating to web development and freelancing. It’s time to start crossing off titles on my “Article Ideas” list in Evernote!

In closing (how formal of me), I’d like to thank Joyce Grace for encouraging and motivating me to finally get my blog up and running. Without her words, it may of been years before I took the time to do this. Thank you, Joyce, and I apologize for my post title, which is clearly not helping my Search Engine ranking.

So, what do you think of my new website?

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